Dear hackers, dear designers …

Achtung: Nur noch wenige Plätze frei! Keine Vorkenntnisse erforderlich. 100 % Selbstermächtigung. Hacken in Amsterdam!

Dear hackers, dear designers, We are delighted to announce a glimpse into the program of the H&D Summer Academy 2015, taking place July 29th – August 7th in de PUNT in Amsterdam.

Interested in joining the Hackers & Designers Summer Academy 2015? Send an email to:
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Algorithmic Kitchen – In the Algorithmic Kitchen of Luis Rodil-Fernández we will learn how algorithms munch on big data and how these algorithms are made.
During this workshop you will make your own and we will let it crunch its logic on a large database of fine cuisine. Together we will cook the tastiest outcomes, so that you can have your cake and eat it too.

Toy-hacking – On the very first day of the Summer Academy we will warm up and get to know each other by deconstructing remote controlled toy cars. The radio signals will be broadcasted via soldered versions of the toy’s handheld controllers. Toy cars will be modified with attached drawing tools using duct tape, pens, pencils, glue, spit… whatever you can image.

Code, text and text-to-speech – An Mertens and Michael Murtaugh from Constant Association for Art and Media will be facilitating an exciting 2-day workshop about ‚Code, text and text-to-speech‘. Picture this: In 2084, after the decay of Google and the deprecation of the Web 2.0 darknet, the web is reconstructed using the sustainable IRC protocol. In place of the burned-out centralized data centers created at the turn of the century, software in this new network is deployed as lightweight interogable bots in ad-hoc mesh networks and are rewritten and mutated as needed. Different bots crawl the different archives (, wikipedia, google, gitorious) and publish parts of conversation in different spaces (etherpad, wiki, print, epub). The result is a social space for writing (software, fiction, documentation) and file-sharing where software and services are as verbose as the participants.