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Art Performances and Installations, Food, Bar, Music

How do we connect to one another? For a while it seemed that borders were breaking open and spaces became more permeable. People started to gather and new possibilities developed. In the current situation, where new regimes of inclusion and exclusion are being propagated, we explore the potential of creating community through artistic and political interventions.
It is precisely after dramatic attacks and assaults that collective, critical, and experimental spheres of approach, and mutual self-determined exchange need to be formed.

Franziska Pierwoss/Politique Culinaire
Astrit Ismaili
Azin Feizabadi aka. DJ Lazerbadi
Diva Maguy/Queens Against Borders

In collaboration with the Nightlife Conference
STADT NACH ACHT, 24.–26.11. November
Shuttle, Tram, Bus, ÖV, Taxi to Hamburger Platz, 13086 Berlin