Leipziger Buchmesse 2019


____ Leipziger Buchmesse 2019


DEADLINE 06.02.2019

Present your book(s) at the Leipziger Buchmesse 2019! The KHB Weißensee will, once again, show a selection of books at the book fair in Leipzig this next March, and we’re already looking forward to your submissions!

Eligible are books from students and graduates from all disciplines. Books that have been made, both, within and outside your studies courses are able to be submitted!

Maybe a book that’s one of a kind, or one that’s been massively digitally printed, or maybe a lonely book that’s looking for a publisher; from an artbook to a theory book, reach them all in!

The Leipziger Buchmesse will take place between the 21.03 – 24.03.2019. It not only is a meeting point for authors, publishers, and the general public, but it also gathers the many German Kunsthochschulen into on place. It surely is worth a visit!


  • Room A0.03 at Regina Fischer


  • 1 physical copy
  • 1 digital copy (at least the book’s cover, for the booklet)
  • filled in application form with: Book’s title, Author(s)’s name(s), discipline(s), semester(s), email address, etc.


  • Until the 06.02.2019!!!

____ All Books will be stored in the room A0.03 until two weeks after the end of the Leipziger Buchmesse, to be picked up. After that period of time has lapsed, please contact us.


Queries/Rückfragen: ezequielhyon (at) gmail.com

____ Poster by Anita Nguyen (@rivr.ah